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Walnut Hand Woven Leather Sneaker

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With society becoming forevermore casual in dress, the sneaker has become a staple piece in the wardrobes of men all around the world. L'bardi sneakers offer the casual look traditionally associated with sneakers, but with the fine Italian craftsmanship that we are renowned for. They feature a hand woven leather toecap, using a technique known as 'Intrecciato', and are made from hand dyed crust leather, that creates a depth of colour that cannot be achieved through regular tanning. The 360 degree welt is what distinguishes our sneakers from all others, it is a construction technique reminiscent of the finest and most labor intensive shoe constructions, the Tirolese/Bentivegna welt. It is through this unique construction that L'bardi has created a versatile sneaker with sartorial flair that can be dressed up or down for different occasions. They feature a white rubber sole and are 100% leather lined using soft calf leather, featuring a cushioned insole for comfort and support. They come with both calf leather laces and cotton-poly shoelaces for a more sporty look.

100% Made in Italy