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Our Story

L’bardi is a luxury lifestyle brand conceived in 2012 by Andy Pierce (pictured below), it is a founder of the smart luxury movement that provides artisanal quality shoes and accessories at an affordable price.

After extensively studying the craft of handmade footwear in Florence, Italy and setting up the L’bardi workshop, Andrea returned to his home town of Sydney to introduce L’bardi to Australia and the rest of the world. L'bardi aims to preserve the dying art of shoemaking and the craftsmanship that Italy is renowned for, by making luxury accessible to everyone and educating the consumer on the importance of investing in quality. The preservation of Italian craftsmanship is a cause close to Andrea's heart and therefore each and every pair is rigorously and proudly handmade in our Florence workshop, using artisanal techniques consisting of hundreds of individual steps all completed by master shoemakers that have studied the craft for decades.

L'bardi believes that a good pair of shoes is the foundation of a great outfit and seeks to improve the style of men and women around the world from the ground up.