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The History of The Driving Shoe

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner, the perfect time for the iconic driving shoe that L'bardi is renowned for.

The History of The Driving Shoe

The iconic driving shoe design was patented in 1963 (The patent is pictured above) by Gianni Mostile. At first it was a shoe for the rich, a shoe designed specifically for driving, not everyone could afford leather shoes for the sole purpose of driving. The cockpits of many Italian roadsters and berlinette, also known as coupés, were and still are quite restricted and small, the driving shoe was created to cater to the wealthy gentlemen drivers that owned these automotive masterpieces and wanted a lightweight sleek shoe that made for easy driving. The rubber pebble sole that extends to the heel protects the leather when the foot is on the pedals and prevents the sole from slipping.

Driving shoes have since evolved in their functionality, yet their design has remained constant. They are no longer used specifically for driving nor just for the gentleman driver, they are made for both men and women and are the perfect warm weather footwear and a must have for any avid traveller. Their lightweight and flexible construction and their supreme comfort makes them the perfect footwear when flying and their versatile and stylish design ensures they can be worn from the plane to the beach and to the boardroom.

The driving shoe's versatility is also due to the fact they come in an array of colours and textures, that suit every occasion for both men and women, whether it be ultra casual, smart casual or formal. Driving shoes commonly come in beautiful coloured suedes, which are perfect for casual and smart casual occasions, however they can be made in subtle colours of varying leathers, such as calf, goat, cordovan, even crocodile and alligator, which are perfect for more formal occasions.

Since driving shoes come in so many colours you can pair them with almost anything. For casual styling you can pair them with a button up shirt or shorts, however they are best worn with tapered pants for both men and women, and showing a bit of bare ankle. Chinos in all colours or slim fitting jeans are the perfect choice.

For more formal occasions you can wear them with a linen or cotton summer suit or sport patent leather models that suit even black tie events.
The driving shoe is an iconic and timeless piece of footwear and is a must have for stylish men and women the world over.