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The Lasts

The last is the wooden or plastic form in which the shoe is build around and gives it its shape.

The L'bardi Linea Esclusiva consists of 3 lasts, each one named after the women depicted in some of the most famous Italian artworks. The lasts in themselves are masterpieces and beautiful sculptures, their graceful curves and elegant lines resemble the differing, yet eternally beautiful female form, so it is only fitting they be regarded in the same light as these Renaissance masterpieces and the women they portray.

La Gioconda last:

La Gioconda last is our most classic last, derived from the Italian name for the most famous artwork of all time, Leonardo's Mona Lisa, which depicts the noblewoman, Lisa del Giocondo. The last is elegantly rounded, combining the soft curves of the feminine form, with clear masculine attributes. It took us months to perfect this last, hand carving it from wood before we achieved the desired shape, one that we believe is the ultimate classic form, a truly elegant last and timeless, much like the masterpieces of the Renaissance.

La Simonetta last:

La Simonetta last is our version of the traditional chisel toe. Named after Simonetta Vespucci, nicknamed la bella Simonetta, a noblewoman renowned for being the greatest beauty of her time. She was the inspiration for many Renaissance artists and was depicted in some of the greatest masterpieces of all time, including the 'The Birth of Venus' by Sandro Botticelli, in which she is portrayed as Venus herself, the Goddess of love and beauty. The last is softly chiseled, with a generous toe puff that gently curves down to the tip of the toe. It is arguably our most beautiful last, much like Simonetta herself.

La Fornarina last:

La Fornarina last is our most unique last, the name is derived from the artwork by Raphael, which depicts Margherita Luti, who was nicknamed La Fornarina, meaning 'The baker's daughter.  The last combines all the attributes of a classic and chiseled last, being rounded in shape, yet slightly more elongated than our other two lasts. It features a smaller toe puff and a slight lip on the toe where the upper meets the welt. It is undoubtedly a timeless classic, yet somewhat of an acquired taste for some.

La Ginevra last:

La Ginevra last is a supremely elegant last that features an elongated almond shaped toe, it is named after Ginevra de' Benci, a noblewoman who was depicted in many artworks during the Italian Renaissance; it is her heavily curved face that inspired the shape of this beautiful and unique last. The last features a heavily curved outstep, which is often given the name 'banana last', since the curve resembles that of a banana. The banana shaped last is rarely seen in ready to wear footwear, as the fit and shape is extremely difficult to achieve. We have perfected this last to ensure it fits the majority of foot types and gives a snug and comfortable fit akin to a personal bespoke last.