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Oxfords - Wholecut - Tirolese construction - La Gioconda Last


We have chosen the wholecut for the first 'Limited Edition' collection because its is considered the most elegant, yet the most difficult of shoes to construct, due to the fact that that the leather must be stretched over the last using one single piece. It takes hours of mounting, pressing, hammering and remounting the leather to distribute it evenly over the last and remove all the folds and wrinkles. 

This particular wholecut is made using calfskin, which is hand dyed an 'aged cognac' colour, that exhibits a true 'chiaroscuro' effect, only ever seen in artworks. The hand dying technique creates a patina that shifts between light and dark, highlighting the curves of our most classic last, La Gioconda, as well as various other aspects of the shoe, such as the heel and the reverse hand stitch detailing around the 5 eyelet lacing. 

Made using the finest technique in shoe construction, the Tirolese construction, which comprises of roughly 300 stitches, completely done by hand, to join the welt to the upper and insole. This particular wholecut is more casual in nature, due to the sturdy Tirolese construction, as well as the reverse hand stitching on the upper, a technique that is rarely exhibited in ready to wear shoes, in which the upper is turned inside out before being lasted and tiny, painstaking stitches are handmade in the leather to achieve the desired effect.


Last: La Gioconda

Construction: Tirolese

Upper Leather: Hand dyed calfskin

Sole: 9mm double leather

Lining: Calfskin

Heel: 2.5cm

100% Handmade in Italy