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The Art Of The Patina - The Anticatura Technique

"Entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher, the upper part of the shoe becomes a work of art". The technique used to achieve this work of art is known as 'Anticatura'. Anticatura is Italian for antique finishing, it is a speciality of Italian and French master shoemakers, famous makers such as Berluti, Santoni, Corthay and Bontoni. Calzoleria L'bardi is relatively new amongst the fine Italian shoemakers, but our quality and craftsmanship is on par with those that are considered the finest shoemakers in the world. We are currently working on a Limited Edition collection of hand welted men's footwear, using the finest construction techniques usually only found in bespoke footwear, this will further solidify our position as one of the finest shoemakers...

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L’arte della pelle intrecciata - The art of hand woven leather

Italy has long been renowned for its artisans, artisans who have revolutionised age old techniques taken from around the world to form their own that ultimately surpass the original. One such technique is 'Intrecciato', Intrecciato derives from the Italian verb, intrecciare, which means to weave, braid or intertwine. The intrecciato technique takes cues from ancient basket weavers who would intertwine straw and the like to create surprisingly sturdy baskets, intrecciato takes these same principles and applies them to leather, taking thin strips of leather off cuts and weaving them together to create one large solid piece. As with the basket weavers' use of seemingly useless straw, the art of intrecciato no doubt came from the frugal mentality of  Italians in years past, where nothing was left to...

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The L'bardi philosophy

Bridging the gap between casual and formal L'bardi has always handcrafted shoes that bridge the gap between casual and formal, whilst we are expanding our range to include more formal shoes, our ultimate goal is to provide a range of shoes that we consider essential in the wardrobes of all men and women, shoes that suit every occasion!We have always leaned more towards the casual side in footwear because how one dresses in their time off is a true indicator of style, anyone with the means can purchase a bespoke suit and bespoke shoes and dress nicely 9 to 5 for their day job, but if that person wears an old t-shirt and sweatpants on the weekend, that person cannot be considered...

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